Want To Know If Simplicity Softwares is Right For Your Business? More and more businesses are turning to E-commerces (sometimes referred to as Application Service Providers, or ASPs) in an effort to streamline their IT operations and to offload functions outside the IT organization's core areas of expertise.
Simplicity Softwares is the premier E-commerce solution for monitoring Web site performance, tracking site visitors' behavior online and improving eMarketing effectiveness.
Take The E-commerce Survey. If you answer "yes" to one or more of the following, Simplicity Softwares could be the ideal Web site E-commerce for your organization
Do you have limited IT resources to dedicate to eBusiness Intelligence?
Do you use a hosted site with limited direct access to log files?
Do you have multi-national sites with servers located throughout the world?
Are you a multi-site organization interested in easy cross-site analysis?
Do you have no upfront budget available for hardware or software - prefer to absorb costs into monthly expenses?
Do you require third-party certification and/or auditing of reports on site activity?
By outsourcing to Simplicity Softwares, your organization gains fast access to major league Web analysis capabilities while avoiding a host of additional technical distractions. The results free you and your business to do what you do best - concentrate on your customers.

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